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Skin Deep the film director Jonnie Leahy 1

“I just really love story telling, a story on film, I love the collaborative nature of film, collaborating with the actors to find the moment and meaning in a line or a look and solving all those cinema specific problems with the crew, and because of that I wake up each day smiling.”

Skin Deep the Film writer Monica Zanetti

“I started writing as a gateway to act, but I just fell in love with the process along the way. Skin Deep is a personal story for me, but an important one to share. It’s the scariest, most wonderful thing I’ve ever done.” Monica Zanetti

Skin Deep the film DOP Rodrigo Vidal Dawson

“I love to discover the dramatic and personal ‘spirit’ of a story; working with the director to find a visual language and style for the characters and the audience…. hopefully then its more than images, its cinema”

Skin Deep Rosie Lourde

“A good story is simply magical.”

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