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Scratching the surface of the story behind new Aussie coming of age lesbian indy film Skin Deep


Sometimes projects take on a life of their own. For writer/actor Monica Zanetti, director Jonnie Leahy and producer Rosie Lourde, their film Skin Deep has done just that. The humble plans for the original project, working titled New Town, quickly changed as it became apparent Zanetti’s heartfelt semi-autobiographical story was destined for much much larger things.


Now titled Skin Deep, Zanetti’s story is inspired by her personal struggle to come to terms with being diagnosed with melanoma; should she risk everything to continue partying on the Newtown lesbian scene, or should she face facts and look after her health. With inspired creativity she split this dilemma into the stories of two young women. Skin Deep follows these two strangers through the streets on Newtown over 18 hours as they find the courage to face whatever may lie ahead.


For Zanetti, Leahy and Lourde, all Newtown LGBTQIA community locals, it was a no brainer the film needed to be made but they had no idea the community and industry would agree so much. Starting out with no budget and a couple of cameras they originally planned to shoot on weekends and hoped to eventually submit Skin Deep to film festivals. Now, after incredible industry and community support, and a wonderful Pozible campaign, the film has been shot using the latest camera technology, with a full professional crew, is about to start post-production at Sound Firm in Fox Studios, has secured local distribution and has recently been represented at the American Film Market for international sales. Marché du Film at the Cannes International Film Festival.


It’s been an introduction to the industry these three first time feature filmmakers could never have imagined!


Full article – http://www.lotl.com/gay-lesbian-giveaways-aus-nz/tickets/Scratching-the-surface-of-the-story-behind-new-Aussie-coming-of-age-lesbian-indy-film-Skin-Deep/


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